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Automotive ADAS Safety Testing and Regulations

To address the increase in serious accidents involving heavy commercial vehicles and vulnerable road users, mandatory safety systems have been introduced by various regulatory organizations around the world. For example, the European Union has mandated the incorporation of safety systems for buses and similar vehicles in the few coming years.

To support compliance with these regulations, Cognata offers software tools and integration into the CI/CD process, providing expert insights into regulatory processes (NCAP, UN, NHTSA) and well-documented training protocols for full control and optimization of compliance tests. With Cognata’s assistance, customers can achieve real test readiness and excellence in ADAS simulation.

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Accurate Results

Cognata’s simulation platform offers high accuracy compared to physical testing, using advanced algorithms to model real-world conditions, enabling data-driven decisions.

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Flexibility At Scale

Cognata’s platform is flexible and scalable, providing you with the ability to customize the simulation environment to meet the specific specs of your ADAS systems.

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Integrative Solution

Cognata’s platform seamlessly integrates with other tools in the ADAS development and testing process, delivering a comprehensive simulation end-to-end solution.

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Save Time & Money

Cut back on time and reduce cost by reducing the need for physical testing and prototypes, and streamlining the efficiency of the ADAS development process.

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Prioritize Safety

Test and validate your autonomous systems in virtual safety-critical environments, ensuring your ADAS systems meet the highest standards for vehicle safety.

BSIS 1 - ADAS Safety Regulations

Cognata supports ADAS manufacturers in their compliance with UNECE regulations, including UN ECE R 151 (BSIS), R 158, and R 159 (MOIS) for blind spot detection. With our simulation platform, manufacturers can test and validate these safety-critical systems before physical testing, ensuring they meet the regulations and standards for VRU protection.

Our training bundles include scenarios specifically designed for blind spot safety, helping manufacturers prepare for certification programs.

In terms of road safety, Lane change assistant systems aim to alert drivers to the presence of VRUs (vulnerable road users) in their blind spots, helping to reduce the risk of accidents and improve road safety for all road users.

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