Cognata Wins Industry Awards for Innovation and Category Leader

Cognata Honored by CES Asia and the Ayn Rand Center in Israel for its continuous work in Autonomous vehicles and ADAS simulation

Cognata, Ltd., a leading provider of simulation authoring software for Autonomous Vehicles (AV) and ADAS systems, today announced it has won the Innovation Award from CES Asia, after being named “Top one category startup” by the Ayn Rand Center in Israel earlier in May.

CES Asia honors products that “demonstrate amazing ingenuity, unique features, and outstanding design in consumer technology.” It is one of the industry main events focused on the Asia-Pacific market. Cognata was awarded the 2019 Innovation Award in the Vehicle Technology category. The award was presented to Cognata at the CES Asia conference in Shanghai, China on June 11th.

The Atlas Awards are awarded annually to Israeli startups that create value in Israel and around the world. The awards are sponsored by the Ayn Rand Center in Israel. At the end of May, Cognata was recognized as “best startup” in the augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) category.

“Cognata is transforming from a startup to a global category leader. We appreciate the recognition from the industry for our innovation,” said Cognata CEO Danny Atsmon. “AI-powered simulation technology is essential in bringing fully tested ADAS and AV systems to the market while reducing the time and costs involved.”

Cognata is providing AV and ADAS developers a training and validation solution consisting of a Digital Twin of reality with actual roads, infrastructure, learned traffic models, deep learning based sensor emulations, all deployed over an elastic cloud infrastructure to execute millions of scenarios in parallel. The big data analytics framework of Cognata generates reports and insights that improve the algorithms performance and reliability by identifying relevant failure cases. The company’s solution shaves years off the costly process of road-testing, allowing a dramatically expanded range of testing scenarios beyond the current limited geographies, to the great benefit of the AV and ADAS industry.