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Simulating Autonomous Vehicles

Our simulation platform accelerates training, testing, validation, and certification of autonomous vehicles - all the way to commercial deployment.



How can we make Autonomous Vehicles a reality?

Cognata’s technology uses cloud architecture to support large-scale simulation, which allows for rapidly creating novel visualization and synthetic environment use-cases scenarios, enabling improved AI/ML training.


Cognata’s simulation platform is able to create different safety-critical scenarios, with pixel-perfect, accurate, and consistent annotation in every frame by automatic labeling – perfect ground truth with just one click of a button.



Cognata provides a photorealistic automotive simulation platform where virtual cars travel virtual roads, from cities to unmarked terrain, all remarkably true to real-world conditions provided with advanced digital twins advanced modeling, which can be used to train AI-based engines.

Our Solutions

Key features
Digital Twins 3D Environments
  • Library of pre-built scenarios for common automated driving functions
  • Different terrain types and vehicle physics behavior
  • Comprehensive assets catalog – vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, vegetation, buildings, and more.
Multiple sensors and sensor fusions
  • RGB HD cameras
  • Fisheye camera
  • Lens distortions
  • Radar – support in mmWave models
  • LiDAR support
  • LWIR – Thermal camera
  • Ultrasonic camera
Simple Integrations with Existing Components
  • Model Interfaces: Simulink, ROS
  • Tool Interfaces: SUMO
  • Automated testing with Jenkins and Bamboo
  • Supported standards: OpenDrive, OpenScenario


Deep Dive
Comprehensive criteria
  • Ready-to-use pass/fail criteria for validation and certification of AV and ADAS
  • Powerful custom rule authoring
  • Trend mining for large scale simulation
  • AV virtual certification of regulatory requirements
Extracting Insights
  • Goal-oriented data representation
  • Multi-layer adaptive dashboards
  • Design decision augmentation
Full Customization
  • Measured progress toward road readiness according to specific use-cases
  • More than 1,000 unique parameters adjusting to the specific vehicle models and dynamics
  • Customized 3D asset import as dynamic/moving objects or Ego cars

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