Cognata Collaborates with Microsoft to Help Mobility Companies Evaluate Sensors for Automated Driving

Key Highlights

  1. Cognata launches a new product service using Microsoft Azure that allows Automotive Customers to virtually evaluate ADAS/AV sensors through realistic Simulation environments
  2. Cognata’s platform provides an extensive array of ADAS/AV sensors coupled with robust simulation to quickly and effectively analyze presets and sensor capabilities in vehicle placement considerations
  3. The platform will allow for urban, highway, and off-road testing across various times of day and weather conditions


Rehovot, Israel, 4 Jan 2023 – Cognata announces a new product launch, running on Microsoft Azure, and AMD processors and GPUs, to allow Automotive customers to virtually and efficiently evaluate ADAS/AV sensors through realistic simulation environments. Cognata’s Automated Driving Perception Hub allows sensors to be evaluated versus a common set of industry-standard scenarios, and their performance is quickly and easily analyzed.

Technical complexity and evaluation of sensor placement and performance on vehicles are critical decision factors affecting vehicle development cycles, designed to minimize environmental impact. Cognata’s Automated Driving Perception Hub, where a set of industry-standard models and custom presets can be evaluated in various terrains, times of day, and weather conditions in a photorealistic environment will significantly shorten the sensor evaluation process.

Together with Microsoft, Cognata is accelerating Automaker’s digital transformation on Azure’s global cloud, services, and computing capabilities to accelerate ADAS/AV feature development, verification, and validation.

The unique service synergy between Cognata’s Automated Driving Perception Hub and Azure allows for ease of use, and is available from anywhere, at any given time. With photorealistic environments, on and off-road, scalability, and fast cloud run times, OEMs, Tier 1s, and sensor makers can make informed decisions and reduce pre-production time and costs.

Cognata’s solution requires powerful computing and graphics resources to run and scale. Deployed on Azure, these advanced workloads and features are accelerated by AMD high-performance CPU and GPU technologies, enabling impressive performance and innovation. 

Asset 1@4x copy 300x250 - Cognata Collaborates with Microsoft to Help Mobility Companies Evaluate Sensors for Automated Driving

Image: Various sensor viewers taken from Cognata’s simulation platform

“Cognata and Microsoft form a strong collaboration bringing OEMs and Tier I’s to Microsoft Azure. Automated Driving Perception Hub is a milestone in our collaboration and demonstrates our joint commitment to bring the best technology for reducing the cost and time of Automated Driving engineering”, says Danny Atsmon, CEO & Founder of Cognata. “Automated Driving Perception Hub brings the industry’s leading sensor models and simulation environment to solve the important problem of optimizing sensor selection in a fully scalable way on Azure.”

“AMD is pleased to support Cognata’s business and customers with our high-performance CPUs and GPUs on the Azure infrastructure,” said Lynn Comp, corporate vice president, Cloud Business, AMD. “The performance of AMD CPUs and the flexibility of AMD datacenter GPUs based on RDNA technology makes them a great fit for AD/ADAS simulation workloads.” 

“We initiated the Automated Driving Perception Hub since we saw a great opportunity to both help our mobility customers in the early phases of platform development as well as help sensor makers reach new customers and markets,” says Kurt Neibuhr, Principle TPM Manager, Microsoft. “We selected Cognata for their experience in simulating the real-world performance of autonomous features. Cognata is a long-time Microsoft Azure partner with a technology stack that is fully optimized for AMD Radeon PRO V-Series data center GPUs.”


About Cognata

Cognata provides cutting-edge autonomous driving technologies with its end-to-end solutions for autonomous platforms. Other than an advanced engine creating a photorealistic simulation platform, Cognata offers the know-how of the market offerings, product integration, and a comprehensive V&V walkthrough, end-to-end. Working with some of the largest autonomous vehicle makers tier 1’s in the world, Cognata accelerates the autonomous and ADAS engineering capabilities, and brings the unique power and expertise of artificial intelligence and computer vision, taking off years of the development process.