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Simulating Construction & Mining

Cognata’s AV off-road simulation is designed to test, train and validate perception and control challenges for terrains that do not offer a clear road definition.
This simulation platform uses synthetic data with a digital twin environment,
and delivers a new level of realism in training and validating automated mining
machines, hauling trucks, and more.

Training Autonomous AI

Autonomous mining equipment operates at different levels of automation and autonomous operation, from limited operational assistance to full advanced decision-making autonomous operation.

Trained correctly, autonomous equipment can reduce fatigue-related incidents, boost efficiency and even reduce operational costs.

Cognata’s simulation bypasses a lengthy AI learning process, compressing the AI/ML training time to mere months.

Customizable, Advanced Solutions

Cognata’s platform addresses the unique challenges from end to end:

  • Digital twins or entirely synthetic worlds for AV testing and validation
  • Realistic sensor models for uncommon sensors: Radar, LiDAR, Thermal cameras, and more
  • Scalable system acceptance tests to validate system performance

End-to-End Simulation Platform

We have created comprehensive drivable 3D environments designed to train and validate off-road driving from identifying a drivable path to overcoming obstacles and difficult road conditions.

In addition to a rich assets catalog with special construction-site assets, the platform enables importing customer-specific 3D assets, for full end-to-end implementation of the customer use-case.

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