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Large-Scale Scenario Generation

Cognata’s scalable elastic cloud capacity simplifies large-scale scenario generation. Get started right away with our libraries of common standard scenarios or create your own with the Cognata Studio UI and ASAM OpenSCENARIO® scripting capabilities.

Scenario generation

Cognata simplifies the creation of
parameterizable scenarios ranging
from simple maneuvers to complex
multi-agent urban interaction.

Author and scale your scenarios
easily with our industry-leading
Studio UI or powerful scripting
capabilities, including ASAM
® support.



Scenario library

The Cognata platform is delivered
with a library of customizable
ready-to-run scenarios.

The scenario library can be easily
modified and customized, or
extended with your own
proprietary authored scenarios.




Testing & Analysis

Our scalable cloud architecture
and powerful orchestration
interfaces make quick work
or large test campaigns.

Test architects can choose
between our intuitive Studio UI
or easy-to-use REST API for
running large-scale test plans.

Define meaningful KPIs,
visualize trends, and extract
insights from large-scale
test campaigns.

Coverage-based Test Execution

  AV validation and analysis in an highway environment use case: lane centring

Highway: Lane Centring in a Turn

With Cognata’s car physics, it is noticeable that under different Ego vehicle speed, the vehicle friction with the asphalt surface varies and reacts accordingly.

In this Side-by-Side view of the same scenario, in a highway environment, we can witness the Ego car trying to maintain its lane centring position in a sharp turn, succeeding in one-speed parameter vs. failing the criteria in the other.

  AV validation and analysis in an urban environment use case: pedestrian detection

Parking Lot: AEB with Crossing Pedestrian and Near Lane Vehicle

With Cognata’s advanced perception training, decision-making is affecting the end result of the scenario.

In this side-by-Side view of the same scenario, a 1-second difference in the breaking decision changes the outcome.

In this parking lot scenario, we can see the Ego car colliding with the near lane vehicle, failing the pre-set success criteria of a safety zone.

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