Miles Ahead: Cognata’s 3D Simulators Train The Autonomous Cars Of The Future

As featured on one of Israeli’s leading technology news sites: nocamels.

“Danny Atsmon, CEO of autonomous car startup Cognata, predicts that his grandchildren will never need a driver’s license.

Autonomous cars are set to disrupt the transportation industry – high-profile companies such as Google’s Waymo and Tesla are staking billions on it. While timeline predictions vary, a report from consultancy firm McKinsey estimates that up to 15 percent of new cars sold in 2030 could be fully autonomous, and up to 50 percent could be highly autonomous.

Yet, before these cars can be let loose on the roads, they must be trained to respond intelligently to environments with at least the same competency as humans. There’s no leeway for autonomous cars to get it wrong; incidents such as the recent Tesla autopilot malfunction have left people wary of putting their lives in the hands of machines.”

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