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Pedestrian Datasets

Cognata synthetic data provides the quality enrichment needed to thoroughly train modern ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle systems for vulnerable road user (VRU) detection applications

Diverse Pedestrians and Cyclists from Around the World

Whether cyclists, jaywalking pedestrians, a wheelchair user, or a cycle rickshaw – vehicles share the road with countless vulnerable road users.

Cognata synthetic training data provides the diverse catalogs of pedestrians, bicyclists, and personal mobility needed for global coverage

Roadworks and Emergency Response Scenarios

Work zone crashes kill an average of two people every day in the US alone, with those directing traffic at highest risk.

Our datasets provide construction workers, police, and emergency first responders for safe robust virtual training of pedestrian detection for these safety-critical scenarios.

Configurable Pose and Placement

Because pedestrians and cyclists both move and change pose, they present an additional challenge for detection and classification systems.

Cognata makes it easy to parameterize and automatically generate training data comprising vulnerable road users in a wide range of poses and positions within the scene.

Variable Illumination and Shadows

Complex Backgrounds

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