Cognata logo white rectangle - Fisheye cameras (surround view) driving in a parking lot
Fisheye cameras (surround view) driving in a parking lot
4 Fisheye (192 degrees) cameras mounted on a sedan passenger car driving on a highly detailed synthetic parking lot.
Off Road Scenario @Cognata Simulation Platform
Learn how Cognata’s off-road simulation trains vehicles to identify drivable areas and detect obstacles in domains without the luxury of lane markings or road edges.
Edge Case Simulation for Highway AEB @Cognata Simulation Platform
Scenario: Stopped Truck on Highway with Glare. System Under Test: Camera + Radar AEB. Result: Collision. Radar detects static object and filters to avoid false-positive response until supported by additional...
Large-Scale AI Traffic Simulation @Cognata Simulation Platform
Highly scalable and realistic traffic model for training and testing automated driving systems
Multimodal Training Data for Sensor Fusion Applications @Cognata Simulation Platform
Data from camera, radar, and LiDAR, sensor fusion for ADAS and AV perception systems
Double Cut-in Scenario @ Cognata Simulation Platform
Aggressive double cut-in in the morning fog

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