Cognata in the Academic World

As an ongoing effort to advance the accessibility of
ADAS and AV training data and to support research
efforts, Cognata offers discounted datasets and
simulation solutions for academic institutes.

Simulations PaaS

Train your AI in our simulation
platform using our rich scenarios
studio and multiple assets catalogs.

This multi-language platform
accelerates testing and validation
of ADAS and automated driving
systems (AV) by supporting the entire
development process: training, testing,
validation and certification, and can
be used in whitepapers, various use
cases and different training fields.

Custom Datasets

Our custom datasets enable our
customers to train their perception
AI using specific use-cases (Yellow
traffic lights, obscured pedestrians
and more)

We create the customized datasets
using precise camera lense modeling
with 6DoF sensor mounting and
different sensors preset (LiDAR,
Radar, Thermal, fisheye, ultrasonic
and more) including lens distortion
and configuration.

Teleoperation SaaS

With Cognata’s Teleoperation
simulation service, it is now
possible to test different parts
of the teleoperation services from
use cases, to MIL, and all the way
to command and control systems.

The handoff is easily integrated
and supports ROS & Simulink,
and can also be used for research
purposes involving stress-related
behavior and more.

Various Scenarios Around The World