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Fisheye cameras (surround view) driving in a parking lot
4 Fisheye (192 degrees) cameras mounted on a sedan passenger car driving on a highly detailed synthetic parking lot.
Off Road Scenario @Cognata Simulation Platform
Learn how Cognata’s off-road simulation trains vehicles to identify drivable areas and detect obstacles in domains without the luxury of lane markings or road edges.
Edge Case Simulation for Highway AEB @Cognata Simulation Platform
Scenario: Stopped Truck on Highway with Glare. System Under Test: Camera + Radar AEB. Result: Collision. Radar detects static object and filters to avoid false-positive response until supported by additional...
Saving lives on the road: The potential of Autonomous vehicles and digital twins | Smart Cities, part 2

Nofar Assis | March 14, 2022

Author: Chen Gabay Traffic accidents are responsible for about 1.3 million deaths around the world each year. This huge number pushes governments and cities to look for ways to improve...
Autonomous Vehicles, Digital Twins and the future of Traffic congestion | Smart Cities, part I

Nofar Assis | February 7, 2022

Author: Chen Gabay How much time of your life do you spend stuck in traffic jams? If you live or work in an urban area the answer is probably a...
Family Matters: Cognata’s Holiday Special

Nofar Assis | February 1, 2022

A family-friendly workplace is one thing, but what is it like to be working with family?   Celebrating Israel’s Family day today, we have decided to ask the families in...
In the News
Inside view: Discussing strategy with Gahl Berkooz, Ph.D.

The appointment of Dr. Gahl Berkooz, former data director at Ford and GM, to Chief Data Officer, marks a strategy beyond a simulator: providing a unified platform for the development and verification of ADAS.

Berkooz: “Our goal is to provide a unified platform that supports data from simulations as well as from actual sensors. This will help reduce verification and road test costs.”

Cognata appoints Dr. Gahl Berkooz as Chief Data Officer and President, Americas

In this position, Gahl is responsible for leading Cognata’s strategy to converge real-world sensor data and simulation data with a robust AV and ADAS data management back end.

Cognata’s unmanned robotics simulation platform to be integrated into US defense market

The Israeli company signed a deal with Mistral and will be joining its exclusive defense solutions portfolio

Press Releases
Cognata appoints Dr. Gahl Berkooz as Chief Data Officer and President, Americas
We're pleased to announce that Gahl Berkooz has joined Cognata as Chief Data Officer and President, Americas. In this position, Gahl is responsible for leading Cognata’s strategy to converge real-world...
Cognata Advanced Solutions and Mistral Inc. Sign a Key Business Development Agreement to Accelerate Cognata’s Unmanned Robotics Simulation Platform into the U.S. Defense Market
Cognata’s Simulation Platform joins Mistral’s exclusive defense solutions portfolio to become its premier solution for unmanned robots validation in the US market (Rehovot, Israel – 24 May 2022) Cognata Advanced...
Cognata and Hancom MDS sign a key partnership agreement to accelerate ADAS and AV simulation adoption in the Korean Market
Cognata’s Simulation Platform to join the exclusive portfolio of Hancom MDS to become its premier solution for ADAS/AV prospects in South Korea (Rehovot, Israel –16 May, 2022) Cognata, Ltd., announced...

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