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Our Mission

Cognata delivers large-scale simulation to responsibly accelerate the time to market of automated driving

Time, Cost, and Safety

Deploying safe and reliable automated driving systems requires training and testing over billions of miles and in a near-infinite number of corner cases. Time, cost, and safety make physical testing an impossible standalone solution. Simulation is an essential complement.

ADAS and Autonomous

Large-scale simulation is the core of Cognata. Our commercially deployed solution provides ADAS and autonomous vehicle developers a platform of unparalleled realism and scale for training and testing their automated driving technology over billions of virtual miles and custom scenarios safely and at a fraction of the time and cost of physical testing.

Meet the Team
Danny Atsmon
Founder & CEO
Sergio Nacht
Yuval Goldberg
VP Sales
Shay Rootman
VP BizDev & Marketing

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