Closed Loop Simulation

Execute a full closed-loop simulation with your MATLAB®
Simulink® models, ROS components, or proprietary AV
software stack in the loop with Cognata


Connectivity with MATLAB®
Simulink® for algorithm
development, test, and analysis.

Enables engineers to easily
combine control, fusion, and
vehicle models with Cognata’s
environment, scenario, and
sensor modeling capabilities.


Robotic Operating System
(ROS) integration of distributed
autonomous vehicle software.

Enables thorough testing and
evaluation of complex
components such as
perception and control stacks
with Cognata scenarios, traffic,
and synthetic data.

Cognata SDK

The Cognata real-time SDK
enables simple integration
between the simulator and our
customers’ AV software stacks.

Configuration, management,
and control of simulations are
streamlined through our
straightforward RESTful API.

Quickly Connect to Cognata Closed-Loop Simulation with Pre-Packaged Interfaces

ADAS Fusion and Control Development

Our MATLAB® Simulink® integration makes it easy for developers to build and test fusion and control algorithms in a closed-loop simulation with Cognata.

Cognata provides a closed-loop connection between its advanced radar, LiDAR, camera and GPS sensor models, its scenario authoring in Cognata Studio, and an interface for communication with Simulink® during test execution for scenario-driven closed-loop simulated testing of ADAS fusion and control.

Full AV Stack Testing

Evaluate everything from perception to control in a single integration by publishing synthetic data from Cognata-simulated sensors to ROS for processing by the AV stack and returning control messages subscribed to by Cognata.

Applications ranging from object detection to motion planning, from proprietary AV stacks, Apollo, Autoware, and others can be executed together virtually in a single closed-loop environment.


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