Cognata Traffic model – Sumo 3rd party Integration

SUMO (Simulation of Urban Mobility) is a free and open-source traffic
simulation suite. It has been available since before the autonomous vehicle’s
sprint and allows modeling of intermodal traffic systems – including road
vehicles, public transport, and pedestrians, as well as a multi-model traffic

With the change in road awareness, traffic models and behaviors are
shifting and adapting to the autonomous AI capabilities, and with it, there is
a need to develop new tools for developing and improving existing traffic
models, as well as using more tools than ever before.

Cognata’s autonomous simulation platform can now import SUMO traffic
models defined in a cfg file along with their behavior, and transform the
basic traffic models into intrinsic models that allow route planning, defining
traffic loads via spawns and more. Now it is possible to review and validate
AV & ADAS scenarios along with SUMO’s traffic models, using Cognata’s
3D digital twins environments, unique, separate vehicle physics parameters
and vehicle relations to one another.

Additional features include mapping models to Cognata BrandID, mass
synchronization of moving objects, SUMO controlling Cognata’s traffic
lights and many different vehicle assets.



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