Cognata logo white rectangle - Understanding Autonomous Vehicle Safety: Factors Influencing Emergency Stops and Critical Blockage
Understanding Autonomous Vehicle Safety: Factors Influencing Emergency Stops and Critical Blockage

September 2023

Despite the progress made in AV technology, there have been notable incidents involving sensor systems. These incidents have shed light on the challenges of integrating sensors seamlessly into complex driving...
Vision Zero Project: Enhancing Road Safety in the City of Tel Aviv, funded by EIT Urban Mobility

August 2023

The RAPTOR TLV - Vision Zero Project, funded by EIT Urban Mobility and co-funded by the European Union, focused on an accident-prone area in Tel Aviv. The project aimed to...
Vueron Chooses Cognata Technology to Advance LiDAR Perception Software for ADAS and AV

July 2023

Vueron, a leading LiDAR perception software provider, has chosen Cognata as its trusted simulation partner to accelerate advancements in LiDAR perception software for autonomous driving systems. Vueron utilized Cognata’s simulation...
Introducing: Autonomous Driving Validation Library – A New Way to Test and Validate Autonomous Vehicles

April 2023

As the world moves towards a future of autonomous vehicles, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that these vehicles are safe and efficient. To achieve this, commercial companies and researchers...
Xylon and Cognata introducing a compact and cost-reductive HIL solution

March 2023

Cognata and Xylon: introducing a comprehensive ADAS and AV Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) solution that connects an advanced simulation environment with real ECUs and driving computers. The resulting product is ProHIL –...
Automated Driving Perception Hub (ADPH): Sensor Selection and Virtual Engineering Testbed

February 2023

Cognata's collaboration with Microsoft and AMD to help mobility companies evaluate sensors for automated driving: a system that allows you to simulate and test different sensor configurations on virtual vehicles,...
Cognata Named CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree, Validation Platform Launch with Foretellix, and New HIL Solution with Xylon

November 2022

Cognata's 4D Urban Planning Engine won in the Smart Cities Category and offers a photorealistic, immersive digital twin of urban areas; Cognata and Foretellix Join Forces; Cognata and Xylon partner...
Join us and hear multiple cutting-edge pitches of Autonomous Vehicle Engineering Technology solutions!

October 2022

How do we accelerate testing and validation? How to efficiently design ADAS and AD solutions? How do we simulate real-world safety scenarios? Those topics and more will be answered live...
Autonomous Vehicles, Digital Twins, and the Future of Public Transportation

September 2022

New technologies like Autonomous buses and shuttles offer a game-changer solution already being tested in cities around the world. Cognata's 4D model, the Dynamic digital twin with AI mobility layers,...
New Whitepaper: Reduce ADAS validation costs with high-accuracy simulation

August 2022

In joint research with MAGAL Automotive Engineering, we put Cognata’s system to the test – comparing Cognata’s simulation data to real testing data provided by Magal.
Cognata’s sensor simulation models Introducing: Omnidirectional Fisheye Camera

June 2022

In addition to the panoramic view, fisheye cameras are capable of providing greater situational awareness to reduce potential blind spots with the ability to create split views in different directions...
Scenario-based ADAS Safety Testing: Cognata’s new testing bundles now enable executing hundreds of simulation permutation runs in parallel

May 2022

Cognata’s simulation provides a realistic environment that can perfectly simulate the ADAS performance in an operational environment. Each test can provide up to hundreds of permutations at once, and allows...
Cognata’s Military Simulation Was Chosen By The Israeli Ministry Of Defense

March 2022

“We carefully inspected several simulation providers, and were impressed with Cognata’s high-quality standards”, says Vladimir Vakulin, Major, Robotics Systems Knowledge Leader, IDF. “We are looking forward to a productive algorithm...
Deep dive into smart cities and digital twins

February 2022

New technologies such as Autonomous Vehicles and Urban digital twins are aiming for the traffic issues solution. Cognata's 4D model, with its AI mobility layers, combines those technologies and offers...
Welcoming the New Year with Qualcomm Technologies

January 2022

Cognata Works with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. to provide Cognata’s simulation platform for sensor and control simulations.
Cognata has been declared CES 2022 Innovation Awards honoree!

November 2021

Cognata has been nominated twice, for Smart cities digital twins environment technology, and ‘Real-to-real’ - unique ADAS technology
Cognata’s Simulation in Agriculture and Construction & Mining

October 2021

Did you know that one of the fastest-growing businesses in autonomous robotics is... Agriculture? Aside from the difference in machines, a growing and moving environment with hidden obstacles change the...
Cognata’s Simulation Chosen by ECARX and AgJunction

August 2021

The selection brings Cognata’s industry-leading simulation platform offering to one of China’s fast-growing intelligent driving leaders. Simulation provides the only environment where intelligent driving technology can be safely tested and...
Cognata ‘real-to-real’ technology has been chosen to power ZF’s ADAS.AI global program

July 2021

Cognata ‘real-to-real’ technology has been chosen to power ZF’s ADAS.AI global program for ADAS validation in order to meet worldwide regulatory requirements
Cognata’s journey through China

June 2021

As the only end-to-end AV, cloud-based, simulation platform manufacturer in Qianhai Qijian Intelligent Networking Technology Exhibition and Tech Day, Cognata demonstrated the abilities of Israel’s cutting-edge technology and attracted great...

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