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Cognata is proud to collaborate with industry leaders in the AV and ADAS space who share our commitment to innovation and excellence. We are dedicated to shaping the future of transportation and are excited to continue working with our partners to drive innovation and progress in the autonomous vehicle industry.


Cognata and Microsoft share a vision for large-scale cloud-based simulation. Making Cognata simulation available on the Microsoft Azure cloud delivers ready-to-run cloud-scale simulation to Azure users on the latest hardware without the need for additional development, infrastructure, or maintenance.


Cognata’s solution requires powerful computing and graphics resources to run and scale. Deployed on Azure, these advanced workloads and features are accelerated by AMD high-performance CPU and GPU technologies, enabling impressive performance and innovation.


Cognata has teamed up with NVIDIA for large-scale, hardware-in-the-loop simulation. Cognata is making its AI traffic agents and Cognata Studio scenario authoring experience available to ADAS and autonomous vehicle developers on the DRIVE Constellation™ platform to accelerate testing and validation.


Cognata and Xylon partner to present an innovative and cost-effective, real-time HIL solution. The new solution from Cognata and Xylon allows photorealistic HIL operation early in the product development lifecycle to accelerate and reduce the risk of ADAS and AV Validation and Verification. Xylon’s logiRECORDER Automotive HIL Video Logger uses data from Cognata’s industry-leading real-time photorealistic simulation platform to provide the inputs to test ADAS and AV systems. 

Magal Automotive Engineering

Magal Automotive Engineering LTD. deals with all aspects of solutions for all types of vehicles, including ADAS and Sensor Testing, for various companies.  Magal and Cognata cooperate to verify accuracy and compare Cognata’s simulation platform to real-world various homologation standards for ADAS, AV, and Active Safety. 


Foretellix and Cognata offer a joint solution that pairs Cognata’s developers’ simulation engine, Enterprise, with Foretellix’s Foretify™ verification and validation platform. The joint solution helps ensure the safety of ADAS and AV systems, reduces development costs, and improves time to market.

MDS Tech

MDS Tech is a leader in embedded solutions for the Korean automotive landscape. In a mission to revolutionize our lives with Smart Cars and Cloud computing, MDS Tech is always looking for convergence solutions that connect technologies in various fields and brings them together.


Cognata and Ouster, a provider of high-resolution LiDAR sensors for autonomous vehicles, have partnered up in order to further develop an accurate virtual LiDAR model in Cognata’s simulation software.


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