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Sensor Simulation

Modern cars sense their surroundings with complex sensor systems to safely alert and navigate. Developing ADAS systems requires a high level of sensor fidelity. Advancing toward autonomous vehicle requires a combination of sensor fidelity with different types of sensing capabilities.

Cognata’s sensor capabilities, combined with the scenario studio engine provide the variability needed in order to train and test advanced ADAS systems according to the latest regulatory requirements as well as advancing autonomous AD systems to commercial deployment.

Cognata’s simulation engine supports multiple sensor viewers, as well as sensor fusion simulation, enabling map making and reading, path planning and avoiding obstacles of various kinds. On top of the different sensor viewers, there are also additional customization options such as lens distortions, dust and dirt, weather and light conditions, and much more.

car final - Sensor Simulation
New Car sensor 2 - Sensor Simulation
shutter - Sensor Simulation

Long Distance cameras

With the rise of autonomous robotic training in the defense sector, there is an increased need for long-distance camera training (hundreds and thousands of meters). With sophisticated use of synthetic data provided by the Cognata platform, combined with specific customer requirements, we are able to provide tailored-made long-range camera training data for efficient and fast sensor training of all classes.


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