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Real Time, Multi-Sensor HIL Solution

Cognata and Xylon’s Real-Time Multi-Sensor Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) solution provides a sophisticated platform for the comprehensive testing of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles (AV). Utilizing real-time, closed-loop simulation, our solution enables the accurate emulation of various sensor inputs, including LIDAR, RADAR, and Thermal camera (IR). 

The compact design of our solution accommodates rigorous HIL testing in confined spaces, a key factor in promoting efficient iteration and reducing development timelines. With the advanced HIL solution from Cognata and Xylon, you can ensure the robust performance, safety, and reliability of your autonomous systems, accelerating your path to market while minimizing risks.

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Real-Time Simulation

Our HIL solution excels in real-time simulation, accurately reflecting traffic, weather, and road conditions for comprehensive ADAS and AV testing.

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Sensor Simulation

With diverse sensor simulation capabilities, our solution creates highly realistic testing environments, validating ADAS and AV systems under various sensor conditions.

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Integrative Solution

Our HIL solution seamlessly integrates with existing tools and processes, delivering reliable data for precise system validation and verification.

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Closed-Loop Testing

Featuring “closed-loop testing,” our solution accelerates testing cycles and iterative development with real-time sensor data inputs.

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Our HIL solution is designed for flexibility, offering configurable testing parameters to cater to a wide range of ADAS and AV system requirements.

ProHIL - Seamless Integration

Cognata’s photorealistic simulation platform enables the creation of complex traffic scenarios with customizable sensor configurations, providing a realistic testing environment for ADAS and autonomous driving systems.

Xylon’s software seamlessly integrates with Cognata’s simulator, converting selected sensory data into automotive formats and facilitating the streaming of synthetic data to the ECU for evaluation.

Xylon’s logiRECORDER box and data loggers offer versatile vehicle connectivity, supporting a wide range of automotive sensors already compatible with Cognata’s simulation environment, allowing for efficient and accurate testing of perception and navigation algorithms.

Check out this short Demo:

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