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SimStation - Driver in the Loop

Cognata’s Driver in the Loop (DIL) technology is a powerful platform that leverages Cognata’s digital twin technology and accurate sensor modeling into a customizable, scenario-based driving simulator. 

The SimStation simulator enables conducting different man-in-a-loop research related activities that involve real-time combinations of AI-based agents with human interaction.

With its wide range of capabilities, Cognata’s SimStation empowers users with enhanced situational awareness and precise control in complex scenarios.

Customer use-case: Teleoperation

Cognata’s Driver in the Loop (DIL) station is a comprehensive tele-assistance visualization platform that combines the power of a digital twin infrastructure with tele-operation and multi-ego capabilities. 

With real-time remote control of several ego vehicles on the same scene, operators can seamlessly switch between autonomous driving and tele-operation, enabling tele-assistance and high-level command execution. The station offers photorealistic real-time resimulation in low bandwidth, utilizing semantic data from on-site sensors, ensuring high-quality visualization. 

Additionally, the DIL station provides deterministic real-time high-fidelity multi-sensor simulation, enhancing perception and control for tele-operators and control center personnel. With these capabilities, Cognata’s DIL station empowers users with improved situational awareness, precise control, and effective decision-making in complex scenarios.

Customer use-case: Human related research

Cognata’s Driver in the Loop (DIL) station serves as a smart and cost-effective solution for research institutes, offering capabilities for human-related research. It enables the evaluation of driver performance, study of driver interactions, and exploration of human-machine interfaces (HMI). 

With features such as high-quality controls and feedback, real-time vehicle control via SDK, and support for safety driving scenarios creation, Cognata’s DIL station empowers researchers to gain insights into various aspects of human behavior and performance.

Cognata’s SimStation is used by multiple renowned universities and research institutes around the world.

Key Benefits
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Real-Time Control

Using SDK for real-time control enables users to interact with and manipulate the simulated vehicles, providing a flexible environment for algorithm development and testing.

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Sensor Simulation

With diverse sensor simulation capabilities, our solution creates highly realistic testing environments, validating ADAS and AV systems under various sensor conditions.

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Our DIL solution seamlessly integrates with existing tools and processes, delivering reliable data for precise system validation and verification.

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SimStation serves as a valuable tool for human-related research, including performance evaluation, driver interaction studies, and exploration of human-machine interfaces.

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Our DIL solution is designed for flexibility, offering configurable testing parameters to cater to a wide range of ADAS and AV system requirements.

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