Five and Cognata Combine Forces to Introduce a Comprehensive Verification Approach for AV Systems

Five and Cognata demonstrate how the integration of their platforms can
dramatically reduce time and expense from the development and verification
of SAE Level 3 Traffic Jam Chauffeur systems compatible with the UNECE
ALKS standard

Today, January 14th, 2021, Five and Cognata announce that they have
partnered up to deliver a modular, cloud-based, end-to-end development
and testing platform for Automatic Lane-Keeping System (ALKS).

The two companies’ integrated technologies will enable teams to hyper-
scale the simulation of testing and development scenarios and speed up
performance analysis of ALKS automated driving systems (ADS) operating
within them.

The co-simulation model will leverage Five and Cognata’s combined
strengths to offer:

  • Fast ‘in-the-loop’ analysis, allowing developers to quickly explore
    systems and find ADS weaknesses
  • A powerful test oracle measuring ADS performance within a rich,
    high-fidelity simulation environment, making system failures and
    marginalities easy to find, triage and analyze
  • Improved scenario detection, ensuring that time and effort is spent
    only on solving genuine new issues
  • Together, these features significantly reduce the need for expensive
    real-world testing, while accelerating the development and assurance
    of new automated driving features.

The platform will be particularly valuable to OEMs and Tier 1s as they work
to meet the exacting UNECE regulations required before they can add ALKS
features to consumer vehicles. Meeting these regulations requires a major
step-up in system performance and reliability when compared to L2
systems. It also demands more complex validation and verification
practices, tooling and workflows, slowing down development while
dramatically increasing costs.

The Global Autonomous Vehicle Market was valued at USD 54.21 billion in
2019 and is estimated to garner USD 2,044.93 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of
39.1% from 2020 to 2030. The global sale of autonomous vehicles was
valued at 1.4 million units in 2019 and is projected to reach 58 million units
by 2030.

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Stan Boland, Co-Founder and CEO of Five, said: “We’re excited to
demonstrate how our customers can use our combined platform to
materially reduce their R&D overhead for developing automated and fully
autonomous driving systems. We’ve always been determined to have
consumers benefit from the safety and convenience of self-driving. Putting
our novel development platform to work for OEM and Tier 1 customers lets
us realise that vision for the first mass-produced systems”.

Danny Atsmon, Founder and CEO of Cognata, said: “Proving these first
Level 3 systems are safe is the challenge of the industry right now. The
combination of Five and Cognata’s tooling is a big step in solving that
problem. Together, Five and Cognata can provide the automotive sector
with a significant cost saving and a faster route to market than the US and
Chinese tech giants.”

About Five
Five is a self-driving technology company founded and based in the UK. Its
cloud-based development and assurance platform helps automotive
companies and their suppliers to speed up the development and testing of
automated driving systems whilst reducing the cost. In 2017, Five attracted
UK government support for StreetWise, a project to develop, integrate, test
and demonstrate a safe and highly functional fully autonomous system in
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About Cognata
Cognata is a leading global supplier of large-scale automotive simulation for
the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle
markets. Working with leading automotive technology companies around
the world, Cognata’s end to end platform accelerates time to market by
delivering simulation solutions for the entire automated driving product
lifecycle, from training to testing to deployment.