Introducing Atlatec HD Maps for Cognata Simulation

Atlatec and Cognata Collaborate on Digital Twins for Simulation

Atlatec, a leading provider of Highly Automated Driving mapping technology, and Cognata, a leading global provider of large-scale simulation software, are happy to announce that Atlatec high definition maps are now fully supported by the Cognata simulation platform.

This tested and verified integration between the Cognata simulation platform and Atlatec’s HD map content provides users the ability to import any Atlatec HD map, via OpenDRIVE® v1.4 format, to the Cognata simulation platform quickly and easily.

Highly realistic simulation is a key enabler for accelerating the massive scale of training and testing needed to safely deploy automated driving features. Precise HD maps are the cornerstones of the realistic Digital Twins required for these accurate simulations.

As a leading global supplier of large-scale automotive simulation for the ADAS and AV markets, Cognata offers a wide variety of rich 3D virtual environments as well as purpose-built synthetic training datasets for traffic sign recognition, traffic signal classification, and pedestrian detection.

By simplifying the import of Atlatec HD maps, Cognata users now have access to additional training and testing environments; highly-accurate digital twins of real-world routes created by a world-class team with a passion for solving real-world automated driving challenges.

If you are a Cognata user and interested in learning more about how to leverage Atlatec HD maps, please reach out via email or schedule a call with us.

Credit: Atlatec GmbH website 

Atlatec writing about the collaboration

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