The 4th driverless and intelligent cockpit summit 2021

On May 20-21, 2021, the 4th driverless and intelligent cockpit summit 2021,
hosted by TassLabs, was successfully concluded in Shanghai. Cognata was
invited to participate in the conference with its latest agricultural off-road
simulation platform. The novel simulation application and powerful cloud
platform attracted the attention of many advanced car manufacturers.

autoai3 - The 4th driverless and intelligent cockpit summit 2021

Cognata agricultural off-road simulation platform provides a wide range of
application training scenarios for agricultural automatic driving operation
vehicles, overcomes various perception problems such as terrain, space and
path judgment, visual blind spots, etc., and helps agricultural automatic
operation machinery accelerate the training and testing of its automatic
driving algorithm.

For agricultural off-road simulation, perception is the key to planning.
What are some of the challenges of off-road AV stack perception?
Measuring the size and angle of the path and passage to evaluate whether
it is passable or not; Detecting the unexpected end of the driveable path;
Compensating the displacement of the sensors relative to the vehicle
caused by road turbulence; Limited visibility caused by other objects,
such as dust, vegetation and ground blind spots, etc; Overcoming the
blind spot caused by the sensor being placed in the shelter etc.
The excellent performance of Cognata’s agricultural off-road simulation
platform in perception can perfectly cope with various situations of field
operation. Coupled with the cognata large-scale parallel computing
simulation cloud platform, it is full of possibilities that can not be ignored
by the vehicle enterprises with special vehicle models, special vehicles
and the needs of ports, mining areas and field operations.

AutoAI1 - The 4th driverless and intelligent cockpit summit 2021

autoai2 - The 4th driverless and intelligent cockpit summit 2021