Avatar Project – Advanced Perception Methods for Autonomous Vehicles

Cognata is proud to announce successfully completing the first 18 months milestone for
AVATAR – Autonomous Vehicle Advanced Technologies for situational AwaReness.

AVATAR is an Israeli Innovation Authority consortium (MAGNET) program,
and its main goal is developing capabilities to build a detailed and accurate worldview
for decision-making autonomous vehicle driving by merging synergistic information
from various sensors onto an efficient computer embedded system with innovative algorithms.

In this consortium, you can find several leading industry partners such as VayaVision,
Elbit Systems, CEVA, and Arbe Robotics, as well as leading academic institutions such as
the Technion, TAU, Weizmann Institute, and more in order to research together and
give the academic support this consortium needs.
To ensure the consortium is always focused on the latest market needs, several
industry-leading companies have joined this consortium as observers including
DENSO, NVIDIA, Jaguar, and more.

Avatar 1024x612 - Avatar Project - Advanced Perception Methods for Autonomous Vehicles

Cognata is the simulation partner of the consortium, as such, our role is key in connecting
between different companies and enabling safe and comprehensive testing and
validation of systems under development in the consortium.

Cognata was able to work together with other members of the consortium such
as VayaVision in order to improve technological capabilities and build a comprehensive
offering to serve its existing and future customers. 

The consortium helped Cognata strengthen its relations with industry companies
and with the Israeli ecosystem. With the marking of the halfway milestone successfully
after 18 months, we are looking forward to the second half and improving our simulation
models according to the market needs.