Cognata Redefines Sensor Suite Selection Processes Through Digital Twin-based Sensor Simulation and Cloud Technology integrated into Microsoft Azure

Cognata had been chosen by Microsoft to drive the ADPH global program as a global leader for its photorealistic sensor simulation and unique sensor models such as thermal cameras and 4D Lidars.

Key Highlights

  1. Cognata, Microsoft, and AMD transform sensor suite selection with the ADPH platform, combining digital twin-based sensor simulation and cloud tech for efficient evaluation
  2. The platform features unique sensor models, including thermal cameras and 4D LiDARs, setting industry standards.
  3. The platform offers highly accurate sensor manufacturer-approved modeling, encompassing various sensors such as RGB cameras, Point-cloud (LiDAR) systems, and Thermal cameras (IR) with a DNN-based layer, ensuring precise performance evaluation.


Rehovot, Israel, 21 December 2023 – Cognata proudly announces its collaboration with Microsoft to drive the Automated Driving Perception Hub (ADPH) global program, running on Microsoft Azure, and AMD EPYC™ processors and Radeon™ GPUs, to allow Automotive customers to virtually and efficiently evaluate ADAS/AV sensors through digital twin-based sensor simulation. Cognata’s Automated Driving Perception Hub allows sensors to be evaluated versus a common set of industry-standard scenarios, and their performance is quickly and easily analyzed.

Sensor selection is pivotal in steering the automotive industry toward reliable, safe autonomous vehicles and ADAS systems. Cognata’s ADPH platform incorporates highly accurate sensor modeling, manufacturer-approved, with a wide spectrum of sensors such as RGB cameras with varying lens distortions, Point-cloud (LiDAR) systems, as well as Thermal cameras (IR), all integrated with a DNN-based photorealistic layer, ensuring sensor performance precision.

With Microsoft’s support, Cognata is accelerating the digital transformation on Azure’s global cloud, services, and computing capabilities to accelerate ADAS/AV development, verification, and validation. Cognata’s digital twin-based simulation requires powerful computing and graphics resources to run and scale. These advanced workloads and features are accelerated by AMD high-performance CPU and GPU technologies, enabling streamlined execution. 

ADPH PR sensor viewer 1024x418 - Cognata Redefines Sensor Suite Selection Processes Through Digital Twin-based Sensor Simulation and Cloud Technology integrated into Microsoft Azure

“We have joined forces to advance the automotive industry by bringing digital twin-based simulation into Microsoft Azure. The ADPH is a milestone achievement in our collaboration, showcasing our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology”, Danny Atsmon, CEO and founder of Cognata, highlights the significance of the project. “This platform seamlessly integrates manufacturer-approved sensor models and a sophisticated simulation environment, solving the challenge of optimizing sensor selection in a fully scalable manner.”

“AMD is excited to deliver transformative innovation to the autonomous driving market in collaboration with Cognata and Microsoft,” said Jeff Connell, corporate vice president, and general manager, of Strategic Silicon Solutions, AMD. “Our innovative portfolio of highly performant computing solutions, including AMD Radeon PRO V620 GPUs and AMD EPYC processors, provides an ideal combination of capabilities to power the critical workloads that enable autonomous driving technologies.”

“We are pleased to collaborate with AMD for their high-performance CPU and GPU IP and Cognata for their photorealistic sensor simulation capabilities to provide a platform that will allow engineers to accurately evaluate real-world sensor performance on the cloud early on in the design process, said Dominik Wee, Corporate Vice President, Manufacturing & Mobility at Microsoft. “By front-loading upstream design and moving sensor evaluation from the physical world to the virtual world, we believe our customers will be able to innovate more rapidly and cost-effectively.”


About Cognata

Cognata provides cutting-edge autonomous driving technologies with its end-to-end solutions for autonomous platforms. Other than an advanced engine creating a photorealistic simulation platform, Cognata offers the know-how of the market offerings, product integration, and a comprehensive V&V walkthrough, end-to-end. Working with some of the largest autonomous vehicle makers tier 1’s in the world, Cognata accelerates the autonomous and ADAS engineering capabilities, and brings the unique power and expertise of artificial intelligence and computer vision, taking off years of the development process.


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