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Safety Digital Twin for Smart Cities

4D Urban Planning: Testing and Analysis Engine for Improving Road Safety & Traffic flows with Mobility Digital Twin technology.

Cognata uses 4D models which include AI-based Mobility traffic layers, helping cities and planners understand and analyze safety scenarios and line of sight in the urban environment, as well as examining different traffic scenarios in order to improve future urban and Traffic planning. 

The simulation platform automatically creates digital twin terrain from imported HD maps with an auto-validation process as well as on-demand, customized synthetic datasets with various scenarios and objects for Improving safety and traffic optimization.

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Joining “Vision Zero”

Cognata’s system allows driving in the virtual environment (digital twin) and checking AI and human reactions to various Safety scenarios with multiple road users: vehicles, pedestrians, micro-mobility, and static objects.

Multiple safety (“vision zero”) projects are already using Cognata’s analytics platform to analyze the results of various scenarios to extract meaningful insights regarding accident rates, safety distance, occlusion, etc.

Train and examine your AV behavior in the digital twin to improve safe driving, reduce casualties and promote a safe, smart city.

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Hop on/off Metaverse experience

From the real world to the digital twin

Cognata offers photorealistic digital twins (HD maps) of a chosen area, imported or custom-made. This unique experience offers the chance to examine the 3D environment through various sensors viewers, and different points of view: Static, Driving and Flying (drones).

Our solution offers open standard and flexible Integration with various systems, for an effective workflow.

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Dynamic Traffic Models

Cognata’s simulation platform uses unique AI agents to create different traffic models and scenarios (natural flow), as well as enable traffic models software for traffic volume simulation.

The platform analyzes results regarding speed, the number of vehicles, and type of vehicles and enables the extraction of meaningful insights regarding traffic optimization.

Ongoing Projects


Improve Safety & Traffic Municipal Planning with Dynamic Digital Twin technology

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